Posted in: University Posted on: Jun 3rd, 2015

Best Places to Study Near St. Edwards University

Creating a regular study schedule is a great way to ensure you have a happy and successful college career. Unfortunately, between roommates and other distractions, it’s not always easy to find a place to read over class materials. In order to ensure your study habits are productive and uninterrupted, we’ve assembled the following list of the best study spots near St. Edward’s University.

The Library

In terms of identifying decent study spots, the Munday Library is a no-brainer. Specifically designed to bring students and faculty together for collaboration and further learning, this building is one of the most popular destinations on campus. Of course, the library also has all the resources you’ll ever need to further your studies. So make sure you take advantage of Munday’s 130,000+ bound volumes, its enormous online databases, and all media equipment and video editing workstations.

Ragsdale Center

If you’re having trouble finding a desk in the library and need to find another place to study on campus, head to the Ragsdale Center. The second floor of the student recreational building tends to be extremely quiet, and there are plenty of desks, couches, and computers available for students. It’s also useful to know that you can easily book a private study room almost anywhere on campus at the Rag’s front desk.

International Lounge

Need to study for a Spanish test but can’t find a place where you’re not distracted by other people speaking English? Check out the International Lounge in the Moody Hall atrium. A popular gathering place for students with an interest in foreign languages and global perspectives, the lounge is a great place to brush up on your conversational skills. Moody Hall also hosts the Academic Success Center, another great resource for learning with your peers.

The Sorin Oak

Taking a break from your usual study environment is a great way to think differently about things, and approaching a problem from an alternative angle is often the key to finding solutions. If the library and Rags Center seem a bit stuffy, head out to the Sorin Oak to see if you can get a little inspiration from Mother Nature. Artists and poets have praised the natural environment as a creative stimulus since the beginning of time, so you might as well give it a try if you’re having trouble focusing in the typical study space.

Off-Campus Coffee Shops

While nature is undoubtedly inspiring, coffee shops are another fantastic alternative to the usual study spots. True, coffee shops can be a bit noisier than the average library. But they’re also a great place to meet with classmates and engage in meaningful discussions. Summermoon Coffee is one particular favorite among students. Café Crème is another.

Whether you’re a first year freshman or an experienced college student living off-campus at St. Edwards, remember that where you choose to study isn’t nearly as important as how you choose to study. To maintain the best possible GPA throughout your academic program, stay disciplined, read often, and create a study schedule that works with everything else on your plate.