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St. Edward’s Graduate Student Housing

Looking for off campus housing near St. Edward’s University but don’t want to deal with the typical college crowd? That’s understandable. While college living is often associated with carefree attitudes and non-stop partying, you can’t truly focus on your studies when you’re surrounded by loud music and drinking games. That’s why we’ve assembled this brief guide to help students and young professionals find the right place to rent in the area.

Timing is Everything

Start your search early if you want the best deals. While there are plenty of apartments for rent in South Congress, your ideal spot will not stay on the market for long. Landlords typically rent their apartments to whoever can move in soonest. So it’s best to start your search in the early summer or even the late spring.

Know Your Budget

Signing a lease is easy. Paying for it is not. Remember to account for all of your expenses before making the legally-binding commitment inherit in most leases. Do you have funds set aside for electric and cable bills? What about heating bills? Do you have a “safety fund” for unexpected events like damage to your car or a medical emergency? These are all things you need to consider before signing on the dotted line. For general information about utilities in the area, check out

St. Edward’s University also provides a helpful guide with important things to consider when choosing your off-campus apartment, as well as helpful resources to look into when starting your search. The university even offers an off-campus meal plan for students who commute.

Location, Location, Location

Finding the right place to live is largely about location. You want to feel safe and at home in your new apartment. So it’s always recommended to check out the safety of the area you’re looking to move to. The Austin Police Department Crime Viewer is a valuable resource for locating problematic areas and can provide a lot of helpful information to help you choose the perfect place to live.

It should also go without saying that St. Edward’s graduate student housing must be close to the university itself. You don’t want to miss a final exam because your car broke down. Look for apartments that are within a twenty minute walk of the school, or those that are relatively close to the Route 1 South Congress bus route, which stops on campus.

Think About Your Individual Needs

Settling in to a new place isn’t all about finances, safety, and transportation. You want a place that works for you as a person, as well. Maybe you’re a very health conscious individual and you’re looking for apartments with gyms. Maybe you just like to lounge in the sun catching rays and would love an apartment with a pool. Of course, students will want to live in a place with neighbors of their own age group and will probably look for a building that caters to other students or young professionals.

Living in South Congress

Whatever your prerogative, you’re sure to find a place that meets your personal needs as long as you ask the right questions. We hope this guide served as a valuable resource for your search. Remember to check in time to time for more information about living in Austin and its surrounding neighborhoods.

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