Posted in: Moving Posted on: Jun 3rd, 2015

Helpful Tips for Moving to South Congress, Austin

The neighborhood of South Congress in Austin has changed drastically over the past few years. Moving to South Congress today means moving into one of the hippest parts of town. The neighborhood, which is named for the avenue that runs through it, is known for its unique retailers, restaurants, and array of food trucks parked up and down the street. When moving in, you’ll quickly be able to make your new apartment your home.

Getting Moving Help

Moving is no easy task. You’ll have to load up a truck or van full of boxes and furniture and haul it from point A to point B. You can do your move yourself, or you can hire professionals to do the bulk of  the heavy lifting. Elephant Moving and Storage can offer a full-service move, charging by the hour, or you can hire them to help you unload furniture at your new place. As an added bonus, the team will even reassemble your stuff for you, if needed.

Sometimes, your eyes are bigger than your new place and you bring along more stuff than will fit in your new apartment. Luckily, storage units give you a place to stash extra belongings. In South Austin, Top Hat Self Storage provides units in a variety of sizes for either short or long term storage. If you do have to store some of your belongings off site, it’s a good idea to put the stuff you’ll need to get to most often at the front of the unit and the things you’ll use once in a blue moon in the back.

Handling the Details

When moving, there are a lot of little details to focus on, such as making sure the electricity is turned on in your new place, figuring out the schedule for garbage and recycling, and hooking up your cable and Internet. The city makes it convenient for you to get your electricity connected, and you can sign up for all city-provided utilities online. Since cable and Internet are provided by separate, private companies, you’ll have to sign up for those separately. You have two options in the neighborhood: Grande Communications or Time Warner Cable.

Making Your House a Home

Once the lights are on and the cable’s connected, you might find yourself staring down at a pile of boxes, wondering how you’ll unpack and turn your apartment into a livable space. Fortunately, this part of Texas is awash in professional organizers and home layout designers. The three sisters behind Let It Go promise to whip your home into shape, offering layout suggestions, decluttering help and move-in assistance. Noa Noa Design can put the finishing touches on your apartment’s interior, offering design help for every room.

Renting in South Congress, Austin allows you to live in a hip neighborhood that’s in the heart of a trendy city. Getting your new place set up soon after moving in means you have a welcoming, comforting place to come home to after a day or night exploring the food trucks, restaurants, and other area offerings.

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