Posted in: University Posted on: Jul 9th, 2015

4 Annual Events Every St. Edward’s Student Should Attend

College life is usually marked by a series of big events. For example, schools often have parties or festivities celebrating the beginning of the year or the end of the year. Schools also often have fairs and other events to help students get acclimated to life on and off-campus. When you’re living in South Congress, Austin and going to St. Edwards University, knowing what the major recurring events are will help you meet fellow students and get more involved with your school. Annual St. Edwards University events include parties, homecoming, and a holiday festival.


Think of it as an annual party to really kick off the school year. Hillfest is the university’s yearly back-to-school festival. Designed to welcome new students to campus, as well as to welcome back returning students, the yearly party features a lot of free food and free T-shirts. There are also live musical performances from local bands and a number of carnival rides for free. In 2014, highlights of the festival included a zipline and a climbing wall, as well as oversized board games like Connect 4. The festival takes place in the evening on the Holy Cross Lawn.

Festival of Lights

Another tradition at the university is the Festival of Lights. Held at the beginning of December, the event helps the school remain true to its Holy Cross and Catholic roots. The Festival of Lights features singing, prayer, and readings by candlelight. The event concludes with a brilliant illumination of the main building on campus. Another highlight of the event is the Festival of Lights Concert, during which the university orchestra, chorus, and band perform.

Homecoming Weekend

Usually scheduled for the end of February and beginning of March, Homecoming Weekend features a number of events for alumni, current students, and their families. A highlight of the weekend is the Welcome Back party, designed to welcome alumni back to their former school. While the Welcome Back party is for any alumnus, there are also reunions held during the weekend for people who graduated 10, 45, and 50 years ago.

Homecoming weekend also includes activities for current students to participate in, such as the contest for the Topper Cup trophy. Competitions for the Topper Cup include a cardboard regatta and a dodgeball tournament.

Another highlight of the weekend is the annual casino night, which is open to all students. There are also services projects in which entire campus community can participate.

End of the Year Party

To wrap up the year and help students unwind before finals, St. Edwards University Student Life holds an End of the Year party. Free for students with a school ID, the year-end party features bands, food trucks, and free memorabilia. In 2015, students were given a free tank top. Food from vendors such as Best Wurst and Gourdoughs is also free.

All that studying can make college life difficult. But, yearly events help you make the most of your college experience and give you a chance to relax when you really need a break from exam prep or paper writing.