Posted in: Living Posted on: Aug 10th, 2015

4 Great Opportunities for Volunteering in SoCo

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Moving into a new town can be fairly nerve-racking, but one of the fastest ways to feel at home in new surroundings, make new friends, and become part of a community is to volunteer! Volunteering to help local organizations and neighbors in need is a surefire way to help you learn your way around town and help your new friends get to know more about you. Living in South Congress, Austin, will provide you with an ample amount of opportunities to pitch in and offer a helping hand! You can even find a volunteer opportunity with an issue that is close to your heart, or with people that have similar interests to you. Check out some of the following organizations to see how great volunteering in South Congress can be!


Dog and cat lovers should enjoy working with Austin Pets Alive!, a local nonprofit focused on finding loving homes for every feline and canine citizen of Austin. The organization is also dedicated to ensuring Austin is a “No-Kill City.” Volunteers are needed for essentially every operation of the organization, including marketing & development, customer service, and data entry. Volunteers may also help with animal care, training, and socialization. Austin Pets Alive! also needs families willing to provide foster homes for animals until they are able to find their “fur-ever” home. Anyone interested in volunteering with APA must attend a Volunteer Orientation.

Feeding the Hungry

Almost 46,000 residents of Central Texas rely on the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas for regular access to healthy and nutritious food, and they need help now. Headquartered in Austin, the Food Bank depends on its network of 17,000 volunteers to carry out its mission to keep the most vulnerable populations of the region properly nourished. Volunteers may work in the Food Bank’s warehouse or the mobile food pantry sites to check the quality of food items and help with distributing the food to those in need. There are also nutrition education and administrative opportunities. Volunteers are especially needed during the summer months, when children lose their access to school meals.

Volunteer Opportunities for Senior Citizens

Older residents of South Congress should take a look at Coming of Age, an Austin-based organization dedicated to connecting anyone over the age of 50 with meaningful volunteer opportunities in the Travis County area. Coming of Age helps its members apply their life experiences and skills towards community development & engagement through partnerships with several local nonprofits serving a variety of needs. Coming of Age participants receive personal and professional development, networking opportunities, and mileage reimbursement for travel to and from their volunteer sites. Coming of Age also offers resources on “life planning,” allowing members to explore options and plan for their later years.

Youth Engagement

The youngest residents of South Congress also have a chance to help their community! Little Helping Hands is a local nonprofit that seeks to instill the importance of volunteering in the community’s children, offering volunteer programs to children as young as 3! Parents and caregivers are able to review opportunities on LHH’s website and select which programs are the best fit for their child. Child volunteers receive a tracking card at their first activity, a unique stamp on the card for each activity they complete, and a special gift for every three activities in which they participate.

Take a look at the many volunteer opportunities available in South Congress and see which ones may be right for you!