Posted in: Health Posted on: Oct 12th, 2015

Top 5 Gyms in SoCo

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Moving to South Congress, Austin provides you with a chance to change up your routine, start fresh, and do the things that you previously put on the back-burner. If you're like most people, building a daily exercise routine may be one of the things you've always wanted to do but never made time for. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to start a new routine when living in South Congress. Here's a brief list of some of the area's best gyms and fitness centers.

Austin Simply Fit

The owners and staff at Austin Simply Fit have set out to create an environment that establishes higher standards for members’ fitness and health. At Austin Simply Fit, members work side by side of experienced personal trainers to achieve specific and personalized goals. Each workout is limited to just 30 minutes of intense cardio and weight training for the most effective and efficient workouts, because the staff knows that the member's time is valuable. With state of the art machines and a staff that is ready to assist you in your health journey, results are in reach at Austin Simply fit.

Power Performance Training

For those looking to get in the best shape of their life, Power Performance Training is waiting to work with you. Offering scheduled training sessions only, the staff at this gym create personalized training plans with each client tailored to their specific needs and goals. Training with an outcome in mind, Power Performance Training guarantees results and a new, intense workout every visit. The trainers at Power Performance Training all have a background in personal training and athletics.

Austin F.I.T. Center

Austin F.I.T. Center is centered around combining self defense movements with fitness routines to create a functional and intense workout. The gym offers a variety of different classes, including kickboxing, X Fit, self defense, mixed martial arts, FLEX fit, and Brazilian jiu jitsu. While some of these classes may seem daunting to a beginner or someone who has not tried martial arts, the instructors at F.I.T. Center ensure that all classes can be modified to any physical ability or level, and are practiced in a safe and supportive environment.

MOD Fitness Studio

Offering full-body workouts in a supportive group setting, MOD Fitness Studio combines Pilates, Yoga, barre work, strength, and resistance training to every training session. Each workout will burn fat, tone muscle, and boost the heart rate for an effective and time-saving experience. Accompanied by high-energy music as well as motivating and experienced instructors, the MOD classes will motivate members to do their best all the way through to the last few minutes of each routine. The staff are always in tune to each client’s goals, which helps keep members on track.

Golds Gym

For a larger gym and more class variety, Golds Gym offers low membership prices, flexible hours, and intense group fitness classes for all fitness levels. Gym amenities include certified personal trainers, a Yoga and Pilates studio, a sauna, a cycle studio, and nutrition counseling. Gold’s is the perfect gym for someone who likes variety, flexibility, and a good deal on membership.