Posted in: Health Posted on: Dec 18th, 2015

The Most Highly Recommended Healthcare Professionals in South Congress

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Most people agree it can be difficult to find healthcare professionals after moving to a new area. Once you find a doctor, dentist, or chiropractor with whom you feel a connection, it can be very difficult to move on to a different professional. However, in the case of a long distance move, it will be necessary to create relationships with new healthcare professionals for one’s health and wellness. Those moving to SoCo can start with this helpful list of reputable local providers.

Primary Care Doctors

A primary care doctor is usually the first healthcare professional you need to find after moving. Whether you have picked up an illness or have developed new pain or allergies upon moving, a primary care physician can help or refer you to a specialist. Additionally, primary care doctors are vital for their role in preventative medicine and should see patients once a year for a physical. Several excellent doctors in South Congress, Austin work in either family practice or internal medicine. Dr. Charles B. Mallett, MD is an excellent choice for a focus on all ages. Other options here include Dr. Donald R. Brode or Dr Ernesto A. Gonzalez, both family practice physicians.


Another preventative health necessity is annual dental examinations for the entire family. This can sometimes be lost in the craziness of moving, but it is vital for individuals to see a dentist regularly. Numerous family dentists practice in South Congress as do pediatric dentists, perfect for seeing the littlest members of a family. Aloha Dental features a wide range of dental and cosmetic procedures for the whole family, while Lone Star Pediatric Dental features services specifically tailored for children. Other options in South Congress include Smile Center Dental and the Texas Dental Association.


In the midst of a stress-filled move, individuals cannot forget their eyesight. Even if you do not wear glasses or contacts, you should still set up an annual eye examination. Texas State Optical is highly acclaimed for all-around eye health as well as for their designer frames. Other optometrists who can perform eye examinations and contact lens fittings include Look + See Vision Care, Optomed Eye Care, and Freedom Eye Care.


After all the lifting of heavy boxes and furniture and possibly the long time spent in the car on a cross-country move, you may need to seek out a chiropractor upon arriving in SoCo. Because each chiropractor has a unique philosophy of care, you will need to find one that best meets your needs, such as holistic care, chronic pain reduction, or acupuncture. Clearpoint Wellness offers a wide range of all of these services, including simple adjustments, massage therapy, stress relief techniques, and nutritional counseling. The OM Health Center: Acupuncture and Herbal Medicinals offers a natural approach to pain and stress as does The Goji Seed Acupuncture Clinic. Other South Congress chiropractors include Life Force Chiropractic, Hall Chiropractic and Axis Chiropractic.

With so many reputable healthcare professionals in South Congress, it can be easy to set up an appointment with a doctor, dentist, optometrist, or chiropractor today. These professionals can keep individuals healthy, help reduce acute or chronic pain, and provide a clearer outlook.