Posted in: Shopping Posted on: Jun 1st, 2016

Support These Local Businesses in South Congress With Your Dollars

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Many people may not realize the full benefits of supporting local service providers, but these business owners and entrepreneurs fulfill an important role in your city’s economy. When you patronize local businesses, you can expect exceptional customer service since you actually get face time with the people doing work for you—especially considering they’re part of the same community. You can also feel good knowing that you’re doing your part to keep local commerce strong, which means more jobs for everyone in your neighborhood. Take a look at a few of the best local businesses in South Congress and decide which ones you want to support with your dollars.

Fitness First

Remembering to keep regular exercise habits in your daily routine is an essential component of staying healthy and happy. One fitness center that can help you maintain your fitness goals while you are renting in South Congress, Austin is Tao Health & Fitness. Located on South Congress Avenue, Tao Health helps clients at any fitness level embark on a workout journey. Its personal trainers implement a variety of equipment in their customized exercise routines, including kettlebells and pull-up bars. Advanced students can move forward to more challenging classes, such as Tai Chi, Martial Arts, and Qigong. The staff is eager to help you meet your fitness goals and see you succeed, which is why they strive to foster a health-conscious community at Tao Health & Fitness.

Nail Care

When you go out and about in town, you want to look your best. The state of your nails is an important part of your appearance, so you should waste no time finding a solid nail salon after you begin renting in SoCo, Austin. For beautiful nails, book your first appointment at Wet Canvas Nail & Beauty Bar. The atmosphere of Wet Canvas is creative with a positive energy meant to be enjoyed with friends. Other services offered by Wet Canvas include waxing and eyelash extensions. Regardless of which service you request, the pros at Wet Canvas always make sure their clients leave the salon feeling as beautiful as possible, so expect a higher level of customer service at this popular salon.

Run the Numbers

April 15th only comes around once a year, but it always arrives with the same dreaded deadline: your taxes are due. If you need help making sure your taxes are filed correctly and on time, you should find someone that’s highly qualified and experienced. Reach out to the professionals at Padgett Stratemann & Co., a firm of certified public accountants. Its team of financial experts is always ready to help you with your tax concerns and other financial matters. If you own a business, they also have a full set of money-centric services they can provide to help you succeed in your venture. Contact the office today to learn more about how the team may help you achieve your personal and business goals.

Once you have begun the habit of supporting local businesses, you will most likely notice the difference in the quality of service. Which local business do you plan to check out first?