Posted in: Dining Posted on: Sep 13th, 2016

Where Can You Find Some of the Best Burgers in Austin? Check South Congress!

Photo Credit: Public Domain

When it comes to casual dining, the hamburger is no doubt a staple of menus across the country. This classic sandwich is practically as American as apple pie (even though it technically was brought over by immigrants from Europe) and it shows in the unique variations you can find on it from one restaurant to another. But what if you’re looking for the best burger near home in South Congress? It’s almost an impossible task, but it is a delicious challenge nonetheless. If you’re looking for some of the best burgers in South Congress, Austin, put these restaurants on your list.

Cafe No Se

Found at the South Congress Hotel, this restaurant serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, and burgers are the highlight of the menu. Hamburger purists will not be able to resist Cafe No Se’s cheeseburger. Sweet onions, pickles, and melty cheese are all piled on a patty nestled in a buttermilk bun, for a well-crafted traditional combination. Those who love breakfast, or are just looking to make their meal a little more decadent, might want to add one or both of the additional toppings available — slab bacon and a sunny side up egg.

Big Daddy’s Burgers and Bar

This sports bar on Research Boulevard offers a casual dining experience in a lively atmosphere. It also offers some outrageously good burgers. After a quick look at the menu, at Big Daddy’s Burgers and Bar, one of the first combinations that will probably stand out is the Hangover Burger, which is topped with pepper jack cheese, a fried egg, and bacon. But the real topper to this sandwich is that it is served on a Krispy Kreme donut instead of a bun. Another option that’s sure to catch your eye is the Big Lebowski, which features a cheddar and pork belly-stuffed patty served with wasabi mayo.

Soco Burgers

Soco Burgers really blurs the lines about what makes a burger. The menu is small but packed with tantalizing options. The signature Soco Burger lets you choose between a beef or pork patty, then tops it with goat cheese, roasted red and green peppers, mushrooms, grilled onions, tomatoes, lettuce, special sauce, and pineapple. Some of these sandwiches, including the Soco, come in both quarter-pound and half-pound sizes, so you can enjoy all the flavor without over-eating. Paired with French fries and a drink, Soco Burgers can provide a very satisfying meal.

Cow Bells

On East Riverside Drive, you’ll find mouth-watering burgers of all different shapes and sizes at Cow Bells. The Boca Chicas are simple beef sliders, made with 100% ground chuck. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s the Spare Tire: a burger with two patties, topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, and fried pickles, with a smear of mayo on the bun. Cow Bells doesn’t leave vegetarians behind, either. You can try the Woody Harrelson, which consists of a black bean patty and topped with avocado, tomato, pickle, onion, and lettuce.

Visit any of these places and decide for yourself which one has the best burgers in South Congress, Austin.